At A Glimpse

Theme For Malaysia Progress - Latest Edition

  • Leading corporations that are gearing up activities/operations to take on new challenges in the new economy.
  • Companies making Malaysia the regional hub for their operations or looking for smart partners to form strategic alliances.
  • Small & medium-sized companies wishing to capitalise on the resilient Malaysian economy and in an expansion mode to consolidate.
  • Leading infrastructure and maritime players and members of the integrated supply chain fraternity.
  • Any well-established companies wanting to partner with Malaysia and technology-based companies wanting to forge a winning partnership with corporate Malaysia.
  • Special focus on higher education.

Circulation Profile

Malaysian Corporations, MNCs, Top Foreign Investors, Members of the KLSE, Industrialists and Manufacturing Companies, etc.


Chambers of Commerce & Trade Associations, i.e. MICCI, FMM, ASROM, MIA, The Economy Adviser to the Government, Bank Negara Governor, SDCs, CDRC, FIC, Fund Managers, etc.


Ministers, Ministries, Federal & State Government Departments, Government Agencies, etc.


Foreign Embassies & Trade Commissioners.


Malaysian Trade Commissioners and Malaysian Embassies.


Overseas Trading Companies (OTC), International Hotel Chain & Resorts, Built, Operate & Turnkey (BOT) Projects, Consultancy Houses, etc.


Total: 100%